How to Activate Instagram Dark Mode: An Insta Feed Makeover

Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram Dark Mode….!!!! Well, it was not long ago, when we came to know that Instagram has introduced Dark Mode for it’s Android and iOS based mobile applications. Being tech lovers, it was a great news for us and in-fact we are not the only ones who are excited about this. There are many people across the various social platforms, sharing this news in excitement.

Enjoy an amazing Instagram feed that not only looks cool but also pleasing to your eyes.

For us, Instagram dark mode was one of the most awaited features in this mobile application. Many renowned mobile application developers have been working on this dark mode feature. Instagram is one of those mobile applications and it rolled out this feature for its Android and iOS based mobile applications, late last year.

How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Google researchers, during a session of Android Dev Summit 2018, have revealed that Dark mode may help to save some power and increase the overall battery time of your mobile. In addition to that, it also looks cool and pleasing to your eyes, especially at night. But there are some people of the opinion that dark mode has a bad effect on a human eye. Well, this might be true for some cases but it’s not universal. It varies from person to person and situation to situation. Dark text over a bright background is more preferable while using a device in light. But when you are in your bed and using your mobile, dark mode is the best as in this environment it will have less strain on your eyes.

Instagram Dark Mode Activation

All said about advantages and disadvantages, now let’s talk about activating Instagram dark mode for your Android and iOS based applications. There is no option on Instagram to activate this feature directly within the app. To activate this feature, first, you have to activate system-wide dark mode on your mobile. Once it is done, Instagram will automatically be turned to dark mode.

If there is any update from Instagram about within app dark mode activation option, we will try our best to update this article at the earliest.

As per the official Instagram help center, this feature is only available to Android 10 and iOS 13. But I have, personally,tried this on Android 9 as well. Step by step guide for activating this feature for both of the operating systems is separately explained below:

Instagram Dark Mode for iOS

If your iPhone is operating on iOS 13, follow the steps given below to activate the system-wide dark mode and enjoy this feature in your Instagram app.

  1. Go to your mobile’s settings
  2. Choose the option “Display and brightness”
  3. Tap “Dark” to activate the dark mode theme
  4. Tap and open Instagram app icon
  5. Now enjoy….!!!!

Instagram Dark Mode for Android

If you are using a mobile device that is running on Android 9, you can follow the steps given below to activate this feature.:

  1. Go to your mobile’s settings
  2. Tap on “Display”
  3. Toggle “Night mode” to activate the dark theme
  4. Tap and open Instagram app icon
  5. Now enjoy….!!!!


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