Things to do while social distancing during COVID-19 Pandemic

Fun things to do while you are bored during Corona Virus Pandemic to keep you productive and alive

We all at our homes as we should be during the lethal COVID-19 outbreak to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. While social distancing, everyone feels bored and unproductive. There’s no shame in being bored. You have started with sleeping, watching TV, browsing the internet and now you have nothing else to do. Don’t worry!! Here is a complete list of fun and productive things to do while social distancing during COVID-19 outbreak:


  1. Stay in Good Shape physically and mentally. Workout daily
  2. Take a balanced diet. Add organic food to your diet as much as possible
  3. Keep a regular check of your health.
  4. Take foods to improve your immune system
  5. Maximize the liquid intake


  1. Start a reading challenge
  2. Read a short story daily
  3. Finish a classic book series
  4. Comics
  5. Biographies and Billionaire Profiles. This will urge you to be productive even in your most distressed days
  6. Newspapers!! Find some new from other countries


  1. TED Talks to keep you motivated during hard times
  2. Poems. TED ed on youTube has a dedicated playlist for classic poems with beautiful illustrations
  3. Audio books. A great time to pass time in a productive way
  4. Podcasts. You can even listen them while doing laundry or cooking
  5. Sound of rain. This one a gem. Boosts your mood and keep you productive


  1. Highlights of your favorite and classic matches
  2. Documentaries
  3. Old Videos and photos in your phone or Computer

Be Productive

  1. Finish your pending classes/ lectures
  2. Finish your Thesis/Research Paper
  3. Learn a new skill. Find online course on MOOC sites
  4. Update your resume
  5. Research dream careers
  6. Start your blog. This is the best time!!
  7. Set your goals and make to do lists
  8. Earn some passive income
  9. Be a freelancing guru
  10. Help the needy. Use your free time to donate food while doing fun vocabulary game on freerice
  11. Volunteer your self online. Help blind people with bemyeyes
  12. Teach someone online
  13. Improve your writing skills while earning money on online platforms like Medium
  14. Learn a new language
  15. Master the art of meditation
  16. Master the art of Yoga. Join online yoga class


  1. Organize your room. Get rid of unnecessary items
  2. Arrange data in your Computer. Clean your desktop, uninstall unnecessary software.. Let it breath!!
  3. Declutter your phone. Uninstall apps and remove unwanted photos and videos
  4. Fix up your online presence. Remove unnecessary bookmarks, get rid of needless extensions
  5. Declutter your complete house. Rearrange your furniture or redecorate your living space
  6. Manage your email account. Get rid of Junk mail. learn the art of Digital Minimalism
  7. Clean out your Social media accounts. Delete embarrassing posts and tweets
  8. Give your LinkedIn profile a professional touch
  9. Finish your to do list
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  1. Research your family tree
  2. Discover new websites
  3. Discover New Facebook Groups
  4. Explore ideas on Pinterest
  5. Find new wallpapers for your phone and Desktop

Be Innovative in Your Routine

  1. Try a new recipe. Start a new recipe daily challenge
  2. Try new smoothies
  3. Make a scrapbook
  4. Start a weekly challenge
  5. Put together a puzzle. Great time killer !!
  6. Play Games. No problem if you don’t have any dedicated console. Here is a list of time killer games you can play on your phone.
  7. Start a fitness challenge
  8. Make videos from your photo gallery of memorable events
  9. Interview your siblings and parents or your friends online
  10. Call a friend or relative you haven’t talked to in ages
  11. Take a walk in your home
  12. Play Board Games
  13. Make your garden
  14. Adopt a skin and hair care routine
  15. Start chatting with new people online
  16. Write a letter to your future self
  17. Take online quizzes
  18. Take a bubble bath
  19. Do something you always wanted to do in life

What ever you do, please be safe and stay at home. Your life is most important thing. Stay at home not only for yourself but for your family, nation and the World!!

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