WhatsApp Set to Release Update with New Group Call Features

Whatsapp new update to be released for voice and video group calls

The largest messaging platform, WhatsApp, with 2 Billion users is set to launch update amidst period of social distancing. The new update is going to add two exciting features to WhatsApp voice and video calling.

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More than 4 Participants in Group Calls

According to tech news company WABetainfo on Twitter suggests that WhatsApp Beta for v2.2.128 will bring this new feature of more than 4 participants in group calls. That surely is a perfect timing for the update during the crisis when billion of people are locked inside their homes and aspire to virtually connect their families and friends. To get this update, WhatsApp users must have latest version of the Application installed on their phone.

The group audio and video call feature was introduced on WhatsApp 2 years ago, yet, the number of concurrent participants remain 4 to date. The new feature will allow more participants than 4 but heir is no clue of exact numbers; it might t be six, eight or even more. It is also not final when is the new update set to release but it will probably due later this month or start of next month.

Apart from end to end encryption on all the messages, WhatsApp voice and video calls are also encrypted. With an already solid experience, this exciting new feature may shake other services as well.

Call header

While this feature is already available to iOS users with v2.20.50.23 update, WhatsApp is set to release this feature ‘Call header’ within Android App. The header notifies on screen that calls are end to end encrypted.

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