WhatsApp update doubles group video call limit

WhatsApp update April 2020 doubled voice and video group call limit from 4 to 8 participants

WhatsApp in its latest update will double its group video call limit from 4 to 8 participants. Just as before, the group call feature will be end to end encrypted.

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The update was uncovered by tech news company WABetainfo on Twitter on 16th April and now official announcement has been made by Parent Company, Facebook on Friday, 24th April. The update has been made to facilitate people to connect with their friends and families in current time of pandemic. As CEO of parent company Mark Zuckerberg in his official Facebook post wrote:

“More than 700 million daily actives use WhatsApp and Messenger for calling. In many countries, calling has doubled since the COVID-19 outbreak began. To help you stay connected with your whole family and groups of friends, we’re doubling the number of people who can participate in a group video call from 4 to 8 on WhatsApp”

The update is available for both Android and iOS users. To use his feature, WhatsApp users must have latest version of the Application installed on their phone as soon as the update is released.

Since the new WhatsApp update will allow eight people to chat simultaneously in the same group call, WhatsApp is now in line with Houseparty, a face to face social social network which also has call limit set to 8 participants. Whereas WhatsApp still lags behind Google Duo, FaceTime and Zoom. These three services have limit of 12, 32 and 500 participants respectively. Despite all, WhatsApp has edge on all these services due to its reliability and popularity.

So when is the new WhatsApp update releasing?

WhatsApp’s head Will Cathcart has disclosed in his tweet that this change will be available from next week to users on Android and iPhone.

“I’m very excited for this. We’ll be rolling out to users on Android and iPhone next week”

It implies that next version update to WhatsApp will bring the expanded participants limit to group calls on WhatsApp.

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