Why I am so lazy? The Psychology behind Laziness

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Laziness or unwillingness to do anything is not simply our mood but rather a complex psychology. In the simplest terms, laziness can be understood as opposite of motivation. Various studies suggest that high achievers have equally high levels of motivation. But the question is why most of us lack motivation to do even simple things. We have done some digging in order to answer the science behind “Why I am so Lazy”

“An underdeveloped mind is a terrible waste. The primary problem is not a lack of intellectual ability but, rather, a lack of motivation”

Dan W. Rea Optimal Motivation

To understood the answer, we have to first understand what motivation is?. There are three basic components of motivation:

Three Components of motivation by Dan W. Rea - laziness is opposite to motivation

There exists a connection between these three components. To carryout a simple task we need what scientifically termed as “Achievement Motivation”. The connection between these components can be expressed as:

Achievement motivation = expectancy x value x affect

When all three components are green, optimal motivation is achieved and your mind has been tricked to lure yourself into carryout a specific task.

overcome laziness by giving right answers to motivation questions

Absence of any one of the components can cancel the positive response of the other two components. For example, if a task is absolutely valueless to ourselves, we will be unwilling to continue the task even if we expect to do well and feel pleasant. In a similar way, emotional phobia for a task can sent out a distress call even if it is valuable and simple enough to achieve.

In order to ensure success of a simple task, optimization of all three components is essential.

Laziness is opposite to optimal motivation

As per our discussion, we can say that laziness can be simply termed as an “opposite to optimal motivation”. If anyone of the component is code red, we fell into the state of laziness and unable to do anything meaningful. We can simply assume that our habits or factors that interfere with Motivation lead to laziness.

What makes me lazy?

Our daily habits and other simple factors cause lack of motivation or nullify one of the components of motivation to make us lazitards. We have put out some of the hidden factors that cause laziness or lack of motivation in dealing with a simple task.

1. Lack of Self Confidence

With lack of self confidence, we abstain from attempting tiny tasks. We tend to stay in our “comfort zone” and not want to try things that can harm our self esteem. Poor belief in own ability to do anything make us do nothing or stick to our daily routines.

2. Indeterminacy

Indeterminacy or indecisiveness is lack of ability to make any decision to do anything. We do plan things, but we are uncertain to do one thing or another. And in this moment our day passes by and the cycle continues. One way to kill indeterminacy is to make to do lists. To do lists let us pour our mind on to the paper in an organized way so we don’t have to make small decisions.

3.  Fear of Failure

Why bother trying if I won’t make it.? This one is the most serious causes of laziness; not only for larger goals and accomplishments but also for our tiny tiny micro-tasks. We overwhelmed with the task in hand and not even bother to start it. Let me better spent some “quality” time browsing Facebook so I don’t even have to be scared of task in hand up until some next thing came in to my mind or actually I have to do something unavoidable.

4. Fear of Success

Not for everyone, yet fear of success is another key factor in our lazy behaviors. But why should anyone is fearful of success anyways? Answer to this, relates with our mental strength. Not everyone gets appreciation in doing simple things or achieving something. If the person suspects the “vulnerability of appreciation” by doing something, that person becomes overwhelmed beforehand and anxiety aggravates stopping to do even small things.

5. Craving Attention

Browsing Reddit and thought of a lit comment but not made it? Ever uploaded a great picture on Facebook and disallowed others to see so you don’t get any likes? nope we don’t do that. The reason is our minds crave for attention and since we are not getting any in doing our micro-tasks, we tend to leave them; we go after things where we get attention.

6. Lacking self-discipline

Ever wanted to read a book but left after reading two chapters? started gym, only watching yourself sitting on couch a week later eating grilled cheese burger? we have all been here and the antagonist behind is our habits. We assume habits come from motivation but it actually comes from practice. Practicing something daily until it is part of the routine. Practice until we don’t have to get out of our comfort zone but we bring the “thing” or “activity” in our comfort zone. Challenge yourself to do simple things on daily basis can help improve self discipline and avoid laziness.

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7. lacking Purpose in Life

No purpose no stress.!! yes, but no gains either. We make ourselves part of the cycle. We go to our jobs and get back home with no intention of breaking the cycle. Comforting the cycle is, little is the motivation to break it. We just want to live like this. Well it is okay to live like this until or unless we are assure we don’t have to do anything good with our lives.

8. Low Energy

Assume your self as a phone with a battery percentage of 100 at the start of the day. As time goes on, energy dissipates and we get low on charging. The usage of energy in our daily activities is an art itself. We waste our energy on doing things that don’t matter and when we have some meaningful things to do we don’t have chunk of energy for it. Low energy forces us to forego even small things in order to conserve our energies and make us a lazitards.

9. Poor Mental Health

Yes! it is one of the reasons. Poor mental health leads us to the lack of taste; in everything. We don’t tend to anything, not pursue our goals and even get bored by doing our favorite activities.

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10. Wanting to be Lazy

Last but not the least is actually we ourselves want this. We urge our minds to do easy things and skip anything worth the effort. In turn, we become lazy and procrastinate on simple meaningful things.

Final Thoughts

The real answer to why i am so lazy is simply lack of motivation. To achieve optimal motivation, we have to overcome our lazy attitude by countering all of the mentioned factors that not let us achieve our optimal motivation in doing small things; because small things are all we need to achieve bigger goals.

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