Best Personal Development Podcasts you need to listen in 2020

Self improvement is the result of little sparks of motivation on daily basis. Where you get your motivation depends entirely on you!! Motivation can be temporary and that’s why you need a daily dose of it for the continuous push to keep you on track for your goals. Likewise audio books, podcasts are great source to put you in a good mood and keep you up to date without spending a great deal of time. There are around 850,000 active podcasts¬†on internet. Dozens of quality podcasts on the topic of personal development are there as well. We have shortlisted a few what we think are the best on the subject and beautifully narrated. 4 of the best personal development podcasts you need to listen in 2020 are:

Paul Mckenna’s Positivity Podcast

As the name suggests, positivity podcast from British hypnotist Paul Mackenna primarily focuses on positivity and motivation. Each episode covers interview with a successful and extraordinary personality from any field. The discussions are thoroughly insightful and apprised. Currently, new episodes have even added on topics including stress management, happiness and motivation.

Episodes: 53 Episode

Length: 10-12 minutes

Self Improvement Daily

For the daily dose of improvement, this podcast is best one out there. The theme is to pick a motivational phrase and delightfully illustrate it on life experience. The podcast is really short; usually 2 minutes or maximum 5-6 minutes. So you don’t need to pick a time. I usually listen right after I wake up and it helps me get out of my bed.

Episodes: 661

Episode Length: 2-6 minutes

Personal Growth Podcast Self Improvement Daily

Good Life Project

Good Life Project is a podcast series based on interviews from high achievers. The inspirational podcast discusses life journey of these people and their experiences with others in the field. The podcast will let you discover powerful stories and community to help you identify your passion and live your life to the fullest!

Episodes: 489

Episode Length: 1 hour

motivating and influential podcast good life project

Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Living Daily is a collection of best blog posts on personal development around the web. The podcast focuses on key topics such as productivity, minimalism and self improvement. The talks are versatile as each talk is on the content produced from a different mind.

Episodes: 567

Episode Length: 5-10 minutes

Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development & Minimalsim

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