32 Five-minute Habits for your Daily Routine

Five minute habits for productive and efficient lifestyle

“Shock factor” may be valuable for a little bit of time but it is the small daily efforts that actually make your life better. Habits, as little as 5-minutes, when added to life, boost your productivity to a great extent. Inevitability, adding a little habit to your life feels odd at first, but in a few days it becomes part of your life. These positive and effective habits in your life put your life on right track. Adding new positive habits and removing toxic habits on day by day basis is a thing you can do without letting yourself feel uncomfortable. This will also have a greater impact on your life than doing something with a greater effort for a shorter period of time.

How to add five-minutes habits in your life

Try to add one habit in your routine. You might feel uncomfortable but in a few days, you will feel uncomfortable without it. Now is the time to add a new one. To become consistent you can use a 30 day challenge to practice it daily.

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32 Five-Minute Habits

We have a compiled a list of daily and intermittent five-minute habits that might be helpful for you in long run. The habits are effortless but extremely effective. You must add some of them in your life asap:

  1. Stretches. Improves your range of motion and slow down the aging process
  2. Clean your cellphone screen. It is dirtier than you think!
  3. Wash your face. You will feel better
  4. Drink a glass of water right after getting up. It re-hydrates your body from going without for hours while you’re sleeping. This is the best habit you can add to your morning routine
  5. Relax! Sit down, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath and, just think about stuff, this honestly helps a lot with being anxious about something since you take time out of your day to think and slowly process it
  6. Brush your teeth. That is the best investment in your younger self for your older self.
  7. A few push-ups everyday. seems insignificant but it really adds up over time
  8. Flossing! Another investment for your older self
  9. Just breathe and be calm. Yes!! learn to breath deeply. It is best for relieving stress and anxiety. Lack of deep-breathing causes tension. 5 minutes a day of just sitting and breathing can really make a difference.
  10. Read 2-3 pages of a book
  11. Make the bed – It won’t take 5 minutes but doing it in morning right after you get up is the first achievement of your self discipline that day.
  12. Clean your bellybutton – Sounds cringe but the part of your body is one of the most important parts. Try to moisturize with some oil before going to bed. It has so many benefits.
  13. Notice what’s happening around you – Notice what to hear, see, smell, feel and taste. It’s like putting yourself in perspective while pausing your own movie
  14. Clear trash – maybe take trash out
  15. Chill! Dedicate five minutes to that every day
  16. Apply sunscreen – Your skin and body will thank you years later.
  17. Go out in Sun – Lack of D-vitamin causes depression
  18. Go out in nature – Lack of time in nature contributes to depression
  19. Sit with straight back and make it a habit. Difficult at the start but after a while you’ll find your body posture is on a whole new level.
  20. Meditation. Great for anxiety
  21. Checking up on friends being in depression, heartbreak, financial, family and job issues. Doesn’t take much time and can mean the world to them. And it is like Karma. Listen to some one in their hard time and some one will there for you in yours.
  22. Look into the distance away from your screens once in a while – your eyes need rest
  23. Moisturize
  24. Make positive remarks on yourself to stay motivated
  25. Learn a new language. Use Duolingo or any other website/application. 5 minutes daily habits will make you good in any language in a few months. Consistency is the key
  26. Thought Journal. Besides writing how your day passed, you can write a summary of your daily thoughts in a diary or journal.
  27. Appreciate the beauty in everything. Take sometime in present moment, neglecting everything for a moment; your tasks, plans and what you are doing. just look around. Just think of something good and appreciate what you have
  28. Be informed. Read an article daily (which is not on social media).
  29. Take a five minute walk. There is nothing better to getting yourself out from rust than starting a small walk daily. This will help you to further move to higher level exercises. Walking is for everything: in a bad mood, walk; feeling low, walk; not having time for exercise, walk. This one habit will help you from improving your digestion to improving your mental strength.
  30. Eat a bowl of fruit. There is nothing better than eating organic food daily. just do it
  31. Focus on the good things. This will help you in toughest of times.
  32. Take 5 minutes a day to think positively about yourself from someone else perspective. This is especially for people with low self esteem.

Concluding Remarks

“All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision. But as that decision is repeated, a habit sprouts and grows stronger. Roots entrench themselves and branches grow. The task of breaking a bad habit is like uprooting a powerful oak within us. And the task of building a good habit is like cultivating a delicate flower one day at a time.”

― James Clear, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

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