Six Effective Morning Habits for Perfect Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Owning your morning is essential to achieve your daily set of goals. Making your mornings productive on daily basis is key to having a happier life and much important towards your personal development. To make your day productive, here are six essential habits you must add in your morning routine:

Wake up Early

It’s not easy, not at all, but if you compare its benefits to the opposite, this is the one habit you want in your morning routine. The simplest trick to wake up early is going to sleep early. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier and wake up 15 minutes earlier the next morning. When you get comfortable; move on to the next 15 minutes.  

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”

― Robin S. Sharma, The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life.

By waking up at your desired time; you complete first milestone of the day.


Greg McKeown, Author of the book Essentialism describes that When you have a situation; when you dealing with breathtaking and sometimes suffocating levels of complexity, you need a system to handle it, and it turns out checklists are absurdly simple solution. The checklist relieves the mind of having to try to remember.

The mind is good at so many things but is a BAD OFFICE

It is a bad place to trying store things that you need to remember constantly. So, you remove that Cognitive pressure and also you carefully select better over time the things that matter most to you and you start making small incremental progress on those items.       

Morning is the most productive time of the day. Your mind is fresh and you can prioritize your tasks accordingly. Try to set your creative type and mind boggling tasks in the morning.

Walk for 15 minutes

Do you know why South Koreans look so young and have baby like skins? There are many reasons and certainly morning walk is one of them. If you have a chance to visit Korea, you can see that there are so many parks and all filled with people in the mornings.

Most of the people like you and me don’t have time to exercise the whole day. Again, waking up early gives us time to do the least, a 15- minute walk. No park? no problem!!! you can walk on roadside, in your street or even your roof. Start walking in the morning will even trigger you to start exercise. So just take the first step; and start walking. It will help lighten up your mode the whole day and next day you will have the urge to walk.  

“An early morning walk is blessing for the whole day”

Add water to your morning routine

Drinking 4-6 glass of water right after waking up is an ancient Japanese therapy. It is still in practice due to its magical benefits. It:

  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Excellent for hair growth
  • Ensures a strong digestive system
  • Makes you forget acne and other skin problems
  • Keeps you energetic throughout the day

You can start with one glass and when it becomes your habit, you can go for more. Worth a try!! try to have a weekly challenge of drinking a glass of water. Next week, two; in a month you will have better hair and skin.

Reading-The must have morning routine

If you have a reading habit, try reading in the morning to boost your progress. Reading for just 15–30 minutes in the morning is the key to reading more books.

Read whatever you like. Fiction, Self-Improvement or even preparing for your upcoming exam.  A fresh mind can absorb information more than you think and you have a full day to implement what you read. Reading is the key to accelerate your Personal Growth.

Read what you love. Read what interests you.

By picking up the book right after you wake up can also help you to stay awake. Starting work right after you wake up feels overwhelming and exhausting sometime and we tend to keep lying in bed instead. Start of your day with your favorite book can help slowly start your day.  


Dushka Zapata, author of eight published books and still in her prime age wrote in one of her Quora answers that she was near to give up her job for her passion for writing due to lack of time. So she experimented with waking up early and write before office. In some weeks, she realized that she did not have to give up her job as she was able to write a decent amount of quality work in that limited period of time.
You don’t have to write books but what can you write is “Ideas”. Just put your thoughts onto the paper. In no time, you will have a load of ideas.

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